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How Does It Work?

It is very simple. Trading Signals are generated by our unique Algo and sent directly to your cell phone in an SMS message.

Our Algo, “watches” our traders and routes a trade to you. What makes our Algo very unique and powerful is that it augments the skills of the trader. Even good traders can sometimes drift away from their usual trading patterns. This is called “trader style drift”. Our Algo completely avoids bad trades that break risk-control rules. The trade is not sent.
The result is you get the best trades possible. Not bad!

Our approach of Algo’s watching trader behavior enables the use of the best AI and the best human intelligence. The thousands of Algos out there are basically flawed because they are fixed rule based and cannot recognize real-time market changes. A good trader can.

A very good example of our approach is the world of Chess. Chess computers are companions to the best chess players. So, in that vein, the trading signals you get are better than signals that a person sends, or computer sends, because it is dynamic and improves over time.

The bottom line is also performance. We target at least 500 Pips a month. We can and do better. In September we did over 1000 pips. But 500 pips a month is very good and will get you to the goal of consistent, Pip income.